Our Perth Teams
Bob Owens wrote of journal of his Perth trip in PDF format HERE.
Gold Medal Perth
Walton Champions 60+USA Champions

55+ Team Tournament Record

Tri-Valley versus Melville, Australia, 6-2
Tri-Valley versus Old Edwardians, South Africa, 4-3
Tri-Valley versus Kaos Spoilers 7-1
Tri-Valley versus Tri-Valley II 6-5
Tri-Valley versus Dussledorfer, Germany, 3-6
Tri-Valley versus Kaos Spoilers 9-5

60+ Team Tournament Record

Tri-Valley versus Dolphins 2, Australia, 11-0
Tri-Valley versus Cannstatt, Germany, 9-2
Tri-Valley versus Dolphins 1, Australia, 10-3
Tri-Valley versus Melville Sharks, Australia, 17-3
Tri-Valley versus Poseidon/Hamburg, Germany, 10-6
Tri-Valley versus Dolphins 1, Australia, 13-3
Tri-Valley versus Poseidon/Hamburg, Germany, 10-4


Bob Owens Journal of Perth

Practice, 4/15 thru 17
Today is the last day of practice. Ours is at 3 pm. Then tomorrow our firstgame is against Dolphins B. We play at
9 am at the Claremont pool. TheDolphins are Australian. Then Saturday we play Dolphins A. We play a German
team, Poseiden, and then the Australian 65+ team. To finish the preliminaries on Tuesday we play the other
German team, Cannstatt.

There are four pools we play at, but the semi-finals are at the Challenge Arena. This is a huge complex with three fifty meter pools, one inside, plus an inside diving pool and an outside water polo pool. The women are playing
in the diving pool.

The semi-finals are the first and fourth teams and the second and third teams on Wednesday. The fifth and
sixth teams will play for fifth place that day.

Then Thursday the winners of Wednesday's games will play for first. FINA has not announced the pool for the final game.

If we go to Thursday, that gives me a day off to tour, or maybe just to rest. But it all starts tomorrow.

Some of the 60+'ers are also playing down, in the 55+ group, Gary Sheerer,Bill Gerdts, Mike Monsees, and Bob Lykins.
And some of the 55+ and 60+ games are right after the other, at different pools. The team playing the later
game may play short handed until the other guys arrive.
More later.

Day two 4/19
Today Lee Walton played the first six a quarter and a half until they wereup 7 to 0. Then he subbed en masse
the second six for the rest of the game - the final score was 10 to 3. The first goal was scored off Steve Hoberg.
He got out of the pool immediately after. His neck has frozen up on him over the last few weeks. He said he is not
doing well after the game.

Today was Dolphin A. They are the club team at the pool, the Claremont, we played at. They have been there
about thirty years, and have been in existence about seventy years.

The Dolphins hosted hot dogs, beer, and free wine tasting in their clubhouse.

I got a goal, my first international goal. At age 60+ it was a long time coming, but it still counts. It was a rear back.
I took a good pass from hole from Chick MacElroy who had a free throw. 1. Chick is the oldest player on the team,
and probably in the tournament, 70 years old. He is a strong player, and lives in Manhatten Beach.

The Tri Valley 55+'s also won this morning against the Old Edwardians, a team from South Africa. The game was
incredibly close, 4 to 3. I helped the organizers sitting on a goal line with the counter ball, and waving to
indicate a goal.

Tomorrow we play Caanstatt at 11 am at the beautiful Bicton pool that overlooks the Swan river and
that is an infinity pool.

Day five 4/22
Posiden - Hamburg fell to the Tri-Valley 60+ juggernaut by the same score as their sister team, Canstatt - Stuttgart,
7 to 2. I played a little. But tomorrow we take on a weaker team in the semi-finals, the Dolphin team, which is a
local club in Perth. These guys were telling me they work out in a pool space of about 20 by 15 yards.
Apparently, all the rest of the pool goes to swimming. Anyway, I should get to play a half.

South Africa has a similar problem as the Dolphins. The National aquatic association does not support its water polo.
There is a 55+ men team, The Old Edwardians, from South Africa that gave our regular 55+'ers a run for
their money, 4 to 3. But then, the regular 55+ barely beat our other 55+ team, 5 to 4.

Then yesterday evening disaster struck our 55+ team. It broke some ruleabout playing one too many 60'ers
down to the 55+. It was disqualified from all four of its victories. And at the same time, Steve Lee, the goalie, had
a heart attack. What a person with a heart condition is doing playing this sport is difficult to understand.

Anyway, Steve is undergoing testing. The Australian 65+ goalie for Melville, came in with a worse heart attack,
and took Sleve place in line for immediate surgery.

George Stransky, the surgeon, my roommate, is visiting the hospital this afternoon and will let me know how
Steve is doing. Fortunately, he has good insurance, Kaiser. Steve played at Cal and I feel really badly for him.

With a backup goalie and demoralized the regular 55+ lost to a good Germanteam this morning, 3 to 6. They'll play
for fifth or last place tomorrow. They'll play against the team whose organizer was the person who complained
about the rule infraction. This is going to be a grudge victory and I hope
no one gets hurt. Plus, it will be the start of a rivalry between the two organizations.

Apparently, Tri-Valley's Carl Strand recognized us playing down one to many.
He asked if he could too, and was told no. But then the FINA organizers had to investigate.

At the beginning of the tournament, Lee had asked the Australian hosts if what he was doing was ok. They said yes.
When Carl raised the issue, the issue went to the FINA organisers. They said the written rule limiting the
number playing down will stand, despite the contradiction of the oral instruction. The reasoning being
something like ignorance of the law is not a defense.

I don't mean anything derogatory to Carl, and I am an admirer of his. Besides, we had put ourselves in this position.

The other Tri-Valley 55+ team is still in contention, so it will be
interesting to see what they do.


Day six 4/23
Tomorrow night, Thursday, at 6 pm we play Posiden/Hamburg for first place. We are playing at the water polo
pool at the Challenge Arena. There is an indoor stadium pool, but diving is still going on there. The weather should
be fair enough. It will be a good contest. I have to ready in case one of the starters gets hurt and Lee Walton
needs my particular skills.

At nine this morning Dolphin A met their inevitable fate, 8 to 3. Our starters started slow, saving themselves
for the noon 55+ games against KAOS at the Claremont pool. I had to tear off my windbreaker, long sleeve tee
shirt, and tee shirt when Gary Sheerer insisted on coming out with threeother starters mid way in the third quarter.
I scored from the lefty post on an assist from David Gray. George Stransky said the shot was high near
corner about 4 and 1/2 inch from the bar, which is a lot better then barring it. Lee has been enforcing the
six inch rule, shoot six inches from the bar into the back of the net.

I am most proud of no goal scored off me or even near me I think.

The regular Tri Valley 55 team beat KAOS 8 to 3. Some are bitter about the disqualifications. Ed King, for one.
On the other hand, the 55+'ers will have a day off tomorrow, and since they are already here they can do some touring.

Steve Lee will be here two or three weeks. George told me the operations he'll have but I can only remember
a part of what he said. One thing was that Steve has blood clots in the legs. Steve had stiff legs the first few
days here during practice from the clots from the plane ride. So Steve had a stroke, but there is no paralysis.
Then he is going to have some heart procedure. There is no valve replacement.

Other team members have been visiting Steve. George is looking for a good medical heart book for him.
He bought him some women magazines, like Bazaar and Mademoiselle. This will make the nurses come in and borrow
the magazines, so Steve will get better attention. George is always thinking,and is often two steps ahead
of the action. That is a good attribute in a goalie. I saw a high school picture of him leaping diagonally in the goal,
clearing the bottom of his swim suit out of the water a good two inches. Amazing!

More tomorrow.

Day seven 4/24
We beat Posiden something like 8 to 3 for the gold. At first, the game was close. Our marquee players each
came through with a goal, and Posiden just could not answer.

I played the last three minutes.

Lessons I learned:

How to draw a foul with the ball. Lower my shoulder and lean into the opponent, while letting go of the ball,
giving a bit of back spin to maintain possession. I was still trying to swim free to pass the ball, like
I did in high school, but nowadays there is a shot clock Thanks, David Gray.

What to do driving with the ball on a breakaway with a close defender preventing picking up the ball to shoot
or even a wet shot. In front of the goal use my left hand and turn clockwise protecting the ball to gain some
room to look to pass, or possibly shoot. Thanks, Laurie Gross.

Be alert when I am defending the cherry picker and it is a man up, five on four, even though I don't want
to make it a six on four. Thanks, bench.
Bob Owens

XII FINA Water Polo Team as of March 2008.
We will have about 90 teams total.
30 or more from Australia
Unknown total from the USA
6 to 10 teams in each age group, including 30+ and 60+. One team of 65+.
5 from Russia, 3 from Roumania, 5 from Germany, 1 China, 2 Croatia, 1 Serbia, 1 Saudi Arabia, 1 Khazakstan
1 France, 1 Singapore, 4 Brazil, 4 South Africa, 1 Canada,, I Czech, 1 Hungary,1 Great Britain,1 Ukraine and 1 Italy.

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